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Welcome to Tasmania

As a native Californian, Tasmania has always been a place that sparked romanticized visions of a land that time forgot. In many ways this rings true. From rugged coastlines of archaic geography to its unique biodiversity and temperate rainforests, Tasmania is truly one of a kind. Contrary to its natural beauty the capital city of Hobart is filled with artists old and young. On any given night it's not difficult to find yourself galavanting around the streets from one art opening to the next in a buzzed state of euphoria. There are plenty of tasty cold beers on tap and a waterfront that displays a symphony of reflected lights as the sun sets behind Mt. Wellington.

The UTAS art studios are found in an old Jam factory built in the late 19th century. One of my favorite rumored stories is that after the Jam factory closed down it was renovated into a hotel. Legend has it that one summer it got so warm the all the jam began to oozed out of the wood rafters and beams, dripping various colors and aromas amongst its guests. The studios are epic, high ceilings, plenty of natural light, a wood shop, and a student body hard at work in its creative endeavors. Just next door is Heart Brewing Co, and excellent micro brewery to enjoy a nice cold one after a long day of painting.

One of the unique icons that I have the honor of passing by on the way to school is the Aurora Australis. This ship can either be found anchored off the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, awaiting its next voyage across the southern ocean down to the ice capped bottom of the world. This research and storage vessel can cut through over a meter of ice and endure 10 meter seas. No ones said traversing the southern ocean was an easy trek.

So far I have found great inspiration in my new home down under. As I settle in I look forward to learning more about the history of Tasmania, its unique ecology, and the lively art scene that people from all over are flocking to visit.

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