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A Flash of Blue

An old man fell into a deep sleep. He was unable to see or hear when he was awake, he was unable to see or hear in his dreams. All he could be sure of was that he existed in two worlds, one while awake and one while in sleep.

A spectral figure silently appeared. Around its shoulder it carried a string of 3 metallic objects.

The old man couldn’t see or hear the specter but could feel its presence for he had adapted a great sensitivity to impression as compensation for his condition.

Out of the void the old man sensed another presence that seemed to slither and crawl beneath him.

A skink rested its movement, flicking its blue tongue in rhythmic pulse.

The Specter gathered photons and bounced them off the reflected metallic surfaces into the skinks tympanic membrane. The photons caught aligned in a concentrated beam bouncing from one object to the next, from the tympanum to the man’s face. This feeling was new for the man, forms of light organized in various manners, something was there, edges and weight. The sensation began to grow stronger and clearer and some of the contrasting shapes of light and dark began to mimic some of the textures and patterns the man had felt growing up. The sensation of warmth on his face triggered nostalgic memories from his childhood playing in the backyard feeling the garden and grass with his fingers and toes.

Everything felt fresh, invigorating and attractive like a thick veil had been lifted from his consciousness. The skink flickered its tongue and the man smelled nearby insects. The Skink blinked its eyes contracting its pupils, and the blurriness began to focus revealing tall organic shapes coated with indescribable patterns.

The awakening was overwhelming and caused the man to forget whether he was asleep or awake. He didn’t let this bother him as this new sensation felt enlivening and was happening, now.

There was much to be explored.


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