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Semester 1 Studio Visit

Here is a quick snap of my studio just before the semester 1 assessment.

After learning about various threats currently being imposed upon Tasmania's fragile environments I tailored a proposal that strives to bring awareness to these issues. From a young age my art has had a reoccurring theme of environmental preservation. I strongly believe that art can be used as a powerful tool, each unique to the artist that welds it. As a life long surfer and lover of nature, an insistent urge to use my art as a tool to raise awareness to our detrimental impact on Earth's natural environments. I believe it stems from convenience, and that this convenience soon leads to an addiction, an addiction that is difficult to reverse. Humanity is capable of drastically changing the planet in ways that will exploit the lives of all the other creatures we share it with. My environmental art hopes to give voice to the voiceless, and raise awareness to the unaware.

"Romantic Tasmania Diptych" WIP along with some plein air pieces made during recent road trips.

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